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How it all began?

Let me tell you a small story first. It was last semester of our Engineering in 2009. we had a final year project to do. We were pretty excited to do it as there was something practical to do. Initially, the project ideas were aspirational and ground-breaking. Then, we released our limitations in terms of technical know how, availability of tools and guidance. We decided to do 2 projects, one was Vaccum Cleaning Robot and the other was Item Despenser. In next six months we turned our project lab into heap of scrap. Wood, thermocol, spares, plastic bottles and what have you. It was immense fun and learning. We had done smaller hobby projects earlier but this was nostolgia.

After that we continued tinkering with the hardware for next couple of years and also doing our full time jobs! Then, we decided to jump right in and make and sell awesome Embedded Design Tools. Probably not the cheapest, but the ones where you’ll get all the details, schematic, code and tutorials for products we make!

The Past year!

For the last one year, you might have ordered our products from our ebay store. Or you might have purchased it locally in Bangalore. Here is the map of orders that we had shipped during a month. It is nice to see the maker movement kicking in India and you folks building stuff.


Over time we have made lot of text and video tutorials on 8051 and AVR. check them here. The reviews and comments on Youtube Channel are encouraging and we will continue to do these on PIC, ARM, RTOS and other things!See you in the next post and we are waiting to ship your order!

Explore Embedded Store is live, you can order with us directly now!
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