Free shipping! When you see it on an eCommerce portal, you’re skeptical right? How could something be free? Some of us also think it would be nice to have free shipping, but again wonder; isn’t it included in the product cost?

Exactly, we had the same questions when making our shipping policy. We made a decision to be transparent with the following goals:

  • Exact Shipping Rates depending on
    • Distance/State/Country
    • Weight
    • Courier Company/service
  • Transparency: You know the actual shipping cost is and same has been charged to Explore Embedded by the courier company.

More than the trust we are building with this, the coder in me is super happy to see exact rates on the site and receipt, just like the speed post receipt below for the corresponding order! Speed post calculates cost based on distance in kms and weight!  We get the distance from Google baba, and we are bang on for all of the orders! Rs 102.6 charged for the customer and we paid Rs 103 for the post!



PS: Speed post does not have an API, we wrote one, if you need it for your portal, give me a shout out!


Why NO free shipping at Explore Embedded?
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