Initially, I had  thought of writing about what is really bad with Electronics Engineering in India. It was full of sarcasm. Most of you know how rote, it is. Instead of all that why not speak about what can be awesome, fun-filled and worth every one’s time. Why not speak about hands on Engineering, all the fun and joy of building stuff hands-on?

Well we could say speak about an hour of  about what is so good about it. But again, who likes to hear all the gyaan. How about demoing stuff? How about showing all the Robots, the drones, DIY Printers, open source development tools, the displays, the sensors and what not? How about simple demos that show them how things work. Wouldn’t that give students the kid in a candy store kind of feeling? Wouldn’t it encourage them to play around and understand that it ain’t that hard?

We feel that this could be instrumental in shaping the fun loving engineer in them. So I call out to the community, the companies, and the Makers to join us with this out reach program. You could help us do it by

  • Sending your product, 3D printer, that drone or simple DIY night lamp to us for a demo. It would be great if these are open source
  • Spread the word! share this with your friends. Your cousin, who is in engineering getting frustrated attending the long lectures.
  • If you know faculty in any of the colleges that is keen to encourage this, help us get in touch with them.
  • Suggest us as to how Explore Embedded can make this program effective and transparent.  Please comment below this page or write to me at sandeep@exploreembedded.com and we can discuss more.
  • You could also join us during the events to help answer questions and demonstrate.

PS: We want to keep this program free for all the Engineering, Diploma and ITI colleges out there.

We have made the beginning. We were invited to  Government Sri Krishnarajendra
Silver Jubilee Technological Institute (Govt. SKSJTI). We were overwhelmed with both the questions students asked and their interest. I would be really happy only when they build something concrete!

Thanks to HOD and Prof L Kirishnananda, and my team at Explore Embedded for making this happen.

Explore Embedded Outreach
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