We reached out to another college for the “Getting Started with Embedded Systems series”. It was a nice experience overall. However, we are coming across  a few unique challenges. I was of the view that practical/useful stuff was not built in the Engineering colleges here because of several reasons on part of academia and institutions. However, “Training Institutes” and companies in the training domain have also created a sense of mistrust among academia.DSC04507

Mistrust created by Training Institutes and Training Companies:

I am coming to realize from the several interactions with the academia that numerous companies and Institutes in the training domain aggressively pursuit their marketing strategy. Which is not a bad thing in itself. However the academia feels that “they are only here to make money”.  This they justify by several ways.

Marketing Promises which cause heartburn:

  • Sure Jobs after the training; which everyone knows what the reality is.
  • Everyone of you will get the certificates; Indeed, everyone here needs those. But what good is a certificate it does not differentiate who has got what skills from the training programs.
  • We do all training’s: From all the buzz words, IoT to Java, C to Robotics and what not, training companies believe; they can train  on whatever the students need. Now speak about quality.

and there are several other aspects, which I would not like to go into now.

The little hurdles:

  • Why would you do this for free?
  • Open source hardware, what?
  • Free video and text tutorials;  but why?

Glad we did explained them all this and I can sense the trust in the smiling eyes!


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