Explore One (Programmed with Arduino)

Explore ONE is Arduino UNO compatible board, made with high quality FR4 material, standard components with no compromise on quality at affordable price!


  • Compatible with Arduino UNO
  • High Quality FR4 PCB.
  • CP2102 as USB to serial convertor IC.
  • Ships with ATmega328 with bootloader


  • USB to Serial Driver for CP2102:

Xplore UNO requires a USB to Serial driver to installed on the computer in order to connect to computer and program from it. Xplore UNO uses CP2102 as USB to Serial convertor, please download and install the drivers from this link.

  • Arduino IDE and Software:

Please download the Arduino software from the Arduino Website.


[−]Arduino Tutorials

 1 Blink a LED

 2 Read Switch and Display on LED

 3 Make some noise with buzzer

 4 Display colors with RGB LED

 5 Display numbers on Seven Segment Display

 6 Display letters, numbers and fun characters on LCD

 7 Blink LED with POT

 8 Lets measure the light in the room with LDR

 9 What is temperature there? with LM35

 A Can we turn on the bulb? with Relay

 B Let the motors run!

We are build this stuff, check back again soon!
We are build this stuff, check back again soon!