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If you suspect that the package was tampered during transit or is non functional out of box, please contact support; We will arrange for return and refund the amount as store credit that can be used to purchase other items at EE Store.

Under no other circumstances a refund will be provided other than stated above.

Warranty and Cancellation

  1. All products designed and manufactured by Explore Embedded(EE) are meant to be used as prototyping tools. Hence these do not carry any type of warranty or garuntee.
  2. All Explore Embedded Products are throughly tested for the desired functionality before shipping.
  3. Ensure that you contact support before returning the item. In most cases the product needs a technical know how to test, our support team can help you set it up and also ensure that status of the product.
  4. Products returned without authorization of the support team, will not be accepted.
  5. Third party products re-sold on EE will carry the manufacturer warranty, our support will be limited in scope. EE will do its best to resolve the issue. However you might have to contact the manufacturer to get required